Microfluidic 3D cultures

In bone external mechanical load is mediated by interstitial fluid flow, which represents the messenger between the bone cells and the biomechanical cues that are induced by our physical activity. These cues contribute to the biomechanical bone adaption response. In vitro studies often use 2D flat substrates that provide important information on bone cell response to biomechanical stimuli. However, this approach may be limited, compared to the in vivo situation because the 3D organization of bone cell morphology, the matrix attachment and the pericellular fluid flow environment in vivo differ significantly from 2D monolayer cultures. By using chip-based 3D cultures of bone cells in microfluidic bioreactors and compressive force devices, we will focus on how bone cell functions are modulated by their biomechanical microenvironment in the context of bone regeneration.


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Assoc. Prof. (PD) Brigitte Altmann, Ph.D.

Dept. of Prosthetic Dentistry Freiburg University Medical Center

Section Head, Cell Biology-inspired Oral Tissue Regeneration


Doctor of Philosophy (Biology), Heidelberg University and Institute for Biological Interfaces-1, Karlsruhe Institute of Technology, Germany


Institute for Biological Interfaces-1, Karlsruhe Institute of Technology, Germany

Dept. of Oral, Maxillofacial, & Regional Plastic Surgery, Freiburg University Medical Center, Germany

Dept. of Prosthetic Dentistry, Freiburg University Medical Center, Germany