Translational cell therapy for cartilage lesions

Prof. Rolauffs‘ group has investigated novel articular cartilage cell sources to evaluate differences in intrinsic repair and to determine alternative cell sources for chondrocyte implantation for degenerative OA vs. healthy non-degenerative joints. His group has shown that ex vivo re-differentiated lesion chondrocytes may hold non-utilized clinical potential for articular cartilage repair. His group was the first to show that maintaining the pericellular matrix (PCM) of chondrocytes, which is a protective microenvironment enclosure, vastly enhances the regenerative capacity of human OA chondrocytes. Currently, Prof. Rolauffs research focuses on translation of this into the clinic.

Meet the team

Professor Bernd Rolauffs, M.D.

Director of the G.E.R.N. Research Center

Section Head, Translational Medicine for Cell-Based Therapies

W3 Univ.-Professor in Tissue Replacement

Dept. of Orthopedics and Trauma Surgery, Freiburg University Medical Center


Habilitation at the Eberhard Karls University of Tübingen

Doctor of Medicine, Medical Faculty of University of Münster, Germany


Dept. of Biochemistry, Rush University, Chicago, USA

Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Center for Biomedical Engineering, Boston, USA

Orthopedic RESIDENCY

Tübingen University Medical Center and BG Trauma Center Tübingen, Germany

Münster University Medical Center, Germany

Sunderland Royal Hospital, UK